Eric Andrew Cinotti

Eric Andrew Cinotti

Eric Andrew Cinotti, born and raised in Northern New Jersey. He has an AAS in Criminal Justice, BA in Sociology and Criminology, Master of Public Administration, and a Juris Doctorate with a concentration on the US Constitution. Eric Cinotti is currently working on an additional degree granting doctoral studies. Eric has accumulated 30-plus years of experience in the federal/state and local governments, the military, nonprofit, educational, and private sectors. He has advanced expertise in juvenile and youth violence, detention, delinquency, and protection services.

Eric Cinotti is, among other things, a Board-Certified Mediator who helps formulate a resolution to many complex legal disputes in various areas. Eric was appointed and sworn in as a Mediator, and he was also appointed sworn as a City Mediator for several different municipalities. Eric had the distinct honor to serve as Chairman of the Juvenile Conference Committee where he conducted official legal hearings for juvenile delinquency matters. He would hear the case discuss all the evidence, take testimony, and render a decision that would be affirmed by the senior resident Judge.

Eric is highly experienced in complex legal research utilizing databases such as West Law, Lexis/Nexis and Fast Case, eDiscovery Document Review, litigation preparation, legal writing, and extensive experience in administrative law, process, and procedure. Eric has worked on some very high-profile cases. Eric currently has access to a Fast Case, which is a complex legal database utilized to cite laws, statutes, and case law that can later be used in hearings and other legal proceedings. Eric also served on the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council where he was part of overseeing juvenile crime prevention services for the citizens.

Eric had over 30 years in the volunteer fire & EMS service. He served on the Fire Oversight Committee where he took part in overseeing spending of public dollars used in the county to support the fire service. Eric has served in both the US Navy & the Army National Guard where he has deployed in support of Middle East Contingency Operations to include, but not limited to, Anti-Terrorism missions as well as other operations in various locations both in and out of the United States. Eric serves as a volunteer firefighter / EMS in his local community. Eric has the high honor to be appointed as an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) where he heard a complete docket of cases daily. He swore in witnesses, took testimony, ruled on the admission of evidence, and rendered decision which he later wrote as official legal opinions.

Eric was recognized for his outstanding work as an ALJ and, specifically, his knowledge and writing ability and he became recognized as a subject matter expert. From there, he was promoted as an Administrative Law Judge to serve as a Judge in the Office of Inspector General. He fought corruption and ensured public dollars were being allocated and spent with care and responsibility. It should also be noted that Eric is a Law Professor (Publisher), Continuing Legal instructor, and teaches in all areas and aspects of the law and all its complexities.

Eric currently is an “On Air Personality” hosting a radio talk show called “The Hostile Zone” where he pulls back the curtain on corruption, waste, abuse, and fraud, especially public dollars, and services. Eric has many Professional Memberships and Association. Eric is an avid community volunteer as well as supporter of many charitable organizations as well as assisting individuals and charities financially.

This website will serve as an outlet for Eric Cinotti to discuss his different interests. Eric Andrew Cinotti will also inform readers of some of the stories he shares with listeners on The Hostile Zone.